Ma Collection ATARI 8 BIT / My ATARI 8 BIT Collection

et liste des références ATARI / and ATARI Reference List

Last update : 10 oct 2011

Atari 400 membrane keyboard

Atari 400 mechanical keyboard

Atari 800



Atari 410 Program Recorder

  Early Version - Prototyp ? sort serie ?
Atari 410 Program Recorder

  First Version
Atari 410 Program Recorder

  600 bit/s on cassettes
Atari 810 5.25" Disk Drive

  single-density single-sided, 90KB
Atari 815 Dual 5.25" Disk Drive

  double-density single-sided / 400-500 were made
Atari 820 Dot Matrix Printer

  40-column dot matrix on adding machine paper
Atari 822 Thermal Printer

  40-column thermal (beige box version) (brown box version)
Atari 825 Printer

  80-column dot matrix
Atari 830 Modem 300-baud

  using an acoustic coupler, used RS-232
Atari 835 Modem 300-baud

  direct connect, basic Hayes compatible
Atari 850 Interface

  4 x RS-232 ports and one Centronics // port
Atari 850 Interface Metal / Black Version

  4 x RS-232 ports and one Centronics // port
Atari Super SALT Controler

  to test drives
XX-XXXX Printer Ribbon

  for 825 printer
CX-30-04 Paddle Controllers

  One pair
CX-40 Standard Atari Joystick

  2600 Joytsick - Blank Box
CX-40 Standard Atari Joystick

  2600 Joytsick * Color Box
CX-40-04 Standard Atari Joystick

  One pair
CX-41 Joystick Repair Kit

CX-50 Keyboard Controller Pair

CX-70 Light Pen

  beige color
CX-81 i/o Data Cord

CX-82 Monitor Cable

  Black and White Monitor
CX-85 Numerical Keyboard

  external keypad that plugs into the joystick ports
CX-86 Printer Cable

CX-87 Interface / Modem Cable

  included with Atari 830 Acoustic Modem
CX-88 Interface / Terminal Cable

  Used with Atari 850 Interface
CX-89 Color Monitor Cable

CX-801 10K ROM

CX-801-P 10K ROM (PAL)

CX-852 8K Memory Module

CX-853 16K Memory Module

CX-8054 Light Pen Software Cartridge

??-???? 48K RAM expansion kit

  for ATARI 400



CX-800-DS Developers System

CX-816 Disk Drive

CX-817 Disk Drive

CX-827 80 Columm Printer

CX-837 300/1200 Direct Connect Modem

CX-851 4K RAM

CX-854 32K RAM

CX-855 64K RAM

CX-856 128K RAM

CX-857 256K RAM

CX-858 512K RAM

CX-859 1024K RAM




CX-401 General Accouting System

CX-402 Accounts Receivable System

CX-403 Inventory Control System

CX-404 Word Processor

CX-405 Pilot

+ Educators Package
CX-405 Pilot Educator's Package

CX-406 P. Financial Management S.

Personal Financial Management System
CX-412 Dow Jones Investment Evaluator

CX-414 The Bookkeeper

CX-415 The Home Filing Manager

CX-421 Family Finances

CX-4101 An Invitation to Programming 1

small boxe
CX-4102 Kingdom

CX-4103 Statistics I

CX-4104 Mailing List

CX-4105 Blackjack

CX-4106 An Invitation to Programming 2

CX-4107 Biorhytm

CX-4108 Hangman

CX-4109 Graph It

CX-4110 Touch Typing

CX-4112 States & Capitals

CX-4114 European Countries & Capitals

CX-4115 Mortgage & Loan analysis

CX-4116 Personal Fitness Program

CX-4117 An Invitation to Programming 3

CX-4118 Conversational German

CX-4119 Conversational French

CX-4120 Conversational Spanish

CX-4121 Energy Czar

CX-4123 Scram

CX-4125 Conversational Italian

CX-4126 Atari Speed Reading

CX-4129 Juggles' Rainbow

CX-4130 Juggles' House

CX-6001 U.S. History Lesson

CX-6002 U.S Government

CX-6003 Supervisory Skills

CX-6004 World History

CX-6005 Basic Sociology

CX-6006 Counseling Procedures

CX-6007 Principles of Accounting

CX-6008 Physics

CX-6009 Great Classics

CX-6010 Business Communications

CX-6011 Basic Psychology

CX-6012 Effective Writing

CX-6014 Principles of Economics

CX-6015 Spelling

CX-6016 Basic Electricity

CX-6017 Basic Algebra Lesson

CX-8100 5 Diskettes

  810 Blank Diskettes (5 per box)
CX-8102 Calculator

  realized ?
CX-8104 Master Diskette II (Atari 810)

CX-8106 Bond Analysis

CX-8107 Stock Analysis

CX-8108 Stock Charting

CX-8111 Astrology

  Announced but never released / only APX 20078
CX-8121 Macro Assembler

CX-8126 Microsoft Basic

CX-8129 The Home Filing Manager

CX-8130 Caverns of Mars

CX-8135 My First Alphabet

CX-8137 Juggles' Rainbow

CX-8138 Juggles' House

CX-8201 Master Diskette

  for Atari 815 Dual Disk Drive
CX-8202 810 / 815 Blank Diskettes

  810 / 815 Blank Diskettes (5 per box)
CX-???? Statistics II

  Announced but never released

CXL-4001 Educational sys. Master Cart.

CXL-4002 Basic (small box)

CXL-4003 Assembler Editor

CXL-4004 Basketball (small box)

CXL-4005 Video Easel

CXL-4006 Super Breakout (small box)

CXL-4007 Music Composer

CXL-4008 Space Invaders (small box)

CXL-4008 Space Invaders (large box)
CXL-4009 Computer Chess (small box)

CXL-4010 3D Tic-Tac-Toe

CXL-4011 Star Raiders (large box)

CXL-4011 Star Raiders (large box) late version / cart
CXL-4012 Missile Command (large box)

CXL-4013 Asteroids

CXL-4015 Telelink I small box
CXL-4015 Telelink I

large box
CXL-4016 Telelink II

CXL-4018 Pilot Consumer

Home package
CXL-4019 Store Demo Cart

  In-Store Demonstration Program
CXL-4020 Centipede

CXL-4020 Centipede (small box)

CXL-4022 Pac-Man

CXL-4022 Pac-Man (2nd box version)

CXL-4024 Galaxian (small box)

rare black & withe box
CXL-4024 Galaxian (large box)

CXL-4025 Defender (small box)

CXL-4025 Defender (large box)

RX-8008 Space Invaders (small box)  
RX-8024 Galaxian (small box)  
TE 15644 SALT Diagnostic Cartridge




CX-418 The Home Manager 

Filing Manager + Family Finances
CX-419 The Bookkeeper

CX-481 The Entertainer

2x CX-40 + Pac-Man + Star Raiders
CX-482 The Educator

Atari 410 + Basic + States & Capital +
CX-483 The Programmer

Guide & Reference books + Basic cartbridge
CX-484 The Communicator I

Telelink + 830 modem + 850 interface /
CX-488 The Communicator II

Telelink II + 835 modem /

  6 x 8100 / 810 Blank Diskettes (5 per box)
Ring Binder Yellow

  "Personal Computer System"
Ring Binder Red

  "Dealder Merchandising Plans"
Ring Binder Green

Pilfer Proof    

Atari 600 XL


Atari 800 XL


Atari 800 XL-F (Europe only)


with Freddie Chip & Basic rev. C
Atari 800 XL / arabic Keyboard


Atari 1200 XL






KX-7097 Atari Logo

KX-7099 The Basic Tutor I

KX-7102 The Arcade Champ


2 x CX-40 + Pac-Man + Qix
KX-7110 The Atari Writer System


KX-7114 The Programming System


Atari 800 XL + 1010
KX-7400 Donkey Kong Game Kit


Donkey Kong + 2 x CX-40
??-???? 130 XE + 1050 D. DRIVE

  French Exclusive Pack



KXF-7097 Kit logo

KXF-50001 Liaison Atari/Minitel

with cable
KXF-???? Kit Education


1010 Data Recorder + "La Quête du Graal"
KXF-???? Kit Programmation


1010 Data Recorder + Initiation au Basic n°1 + Livre sur le basic





Atari 600 XL(Different case)


Atari 1200 XLS


Atari 1400 XL


Atari 1400XL (Different case)


Atari 1450 XLD


Atari 1600 XL






Atari 800 XLD


Atari 800 with 5.25" Disk Drive
Atari 1650 XLD


Atari 1850 XL


Amiga Clone - 68000 based processor
Atari 1850 XLD

  68000 based processor and feature a detached keyboard




Atari 1010 Data Recorder


Atari 1020 Color Plotter Printer


Atari 1025 Dot Matrix Printer


Okidata ML-80
Atari 1027 Letter Quality Printer


80-column letter quality
Atari 1029 Dot Matrix Printer (80-column)


lower7-pin sold in Europe
Atari 1030 Modem


Atari 1050 5.25" Disk Drive


Atari 1064 64K Atari Memory Module


Atari CX-22 Track-Ball


Atari CX-75 Light Pen


Atari CX-77 Touch Tablet


Atari CX-80 Track-Ball




BX-4201 Atari Home Computers 3-Ring Binder

BX-4202 1025 Ribbon

BX-4204 1020 Color Pen Replacement

BX-4206 1020 Black Pen Replacement

BX-4207 1020 Replacement Roll Paper

  for 1020
BX-4208 LOGO Manuals

BX-4212 1027 Onk Roller


  FOR THE ATARI 600 XL / 800 XL

  Never Released

  Never Released



Atari 1027 Plus Printer


Atari 1053 DS/Double Density Disk Drive


Atari 1055 3"1/2 Disk Drive


Atari 1056 Disk Drive


Atari 1057 SyQuest 3.9" Removable Drive


Atari 1058 Very Low Cost Disk Drive


Atari 1060 CP/M


Atari 1090 XL Expansion System




AX-2020 Atari Music I

AX-2026 Atari Music II

AX-2030 SynCalc

AX-2031 SynFile+

AX-2032 SynTrend

AX-2033 Proofreader

Announced but never released
AX-20?? SynAssembler

AX-20?? SynChron

AX-???? SynComm

no reference on the box
AX-20?? SynMail

AX-20?? SynStock

AX-20?? SynText



DX-5047 Time wise

DX-5048 Paint

DX-5049 Visicalc

DX-5050 Mickey in the Great Outdoors

DX-5052 DOS 3


from DOS 3
DX-5053 Captain Hook's Revenge

Announced but never released
DX-5063 Atari Translator (NTSC)


DX-5076 Through The Star Bridge

DX-5077 This Is Ground Control

DX-5082 Silent Butler


Announced but never released


TK100807 Atari Translator (PAL)




CXL-4027 Qix



RX-8021 Caverns of Mars (small box)

US Version
RX-8021 Caverns of Mars (Large box)

RX-8022 Pac-Man (small box)

European Version
RX-8025 Defender (small box)

Never released
RX-8026 Dig Dug (small box)

rare black & withe box
RX-8026 Dig Dug (Large box)

RX-8028 Soccer

Never released
RX-8029 Realsports Football (sb)

RX-8029 Realsports Football (lb)

RX-8030 E.T. Phone Home (sb)

RX-8030 E.T. Phone Home (lb)

RX-8031 Donkey Kong (lb)

RX-8032 Atari Logo

small box version
RX-8032 Atari Logo

RX-8033 Robotron 2084 (sb)

US Version
RX-8033 Robotron 2084 (lb)

European Version
RX-8033 Robotron 2084 (lb)

RX-8034 Pole Position (sb)

European Version
RX-8034 Pole Position (sb)

US Version
RX-8034 Pole Position (lb)

RX-8035 Microsoft Basic II

+ / required to use disk
RX-8036 Atari Writer

RX-8039 Eastern Front

RX-8039 Eastern Front

medium-sized box
RX-8039 Eastern Front

medium-sized box with double red bars (2 languages)
RX-8039 Eastern Front (big box)

US Version
RX-8039 Eastern Front (big box)

Canadian Version ? (2 languages)
RX-8040 Donkey Kong Jr (lb)

RX-8040 Donkey Kong Jr (sb)

European Version
RX-8040 Donkey Kong Jr (sb)

US Version
RX-8042 Tennis (small box)

RX-8042 Tennis (large box)

RX-8043 Ms. Pac-Man (large box)

RX-8043 Ms. Pac-Man (small box)

European Version
RX-8044 Joust (small box)

US Version
RX-8044 Joust (small box)

European Version
RX-8044 Joust (Large box)

RX-8045 Pengo (small box)

US black and white boxe
RX-8045 Pengo (small box)

European Version
RX-8045 Pengo (Large box)

RX-8048 Millipede (small box)

US Version
RX-8048 Millipede (large box)

RX-8049 Jungle Hunt (sb)

US Version
RX-8049 Jungle Hunt (sb)

European Version
RX-8049 Jungle Hunt (large box)

RX-8051 Mario Bros

Never released / only XE format (blue box)
RX-8052 Moon Patrol (sb)

US Version
RX-8052 Moon Patrol (sb)

European Version
RX-8052 Moon Patrol (lb)

RX-8053 Atariartist


RX-8054 Atarigraphics

with light pen package
RX-8057 Typo Attack (lb)

RX-8059 Sky writer (lb)

RX-8067 Final Legacy (sb)

US Version
RX-8069 Track & Field

with special controller
RX-8070 Elevator Action

announced but never realized
RX-8071 Letter Turor

RX-8072 Word Tutor

announced but never realized ?
RX-8080 The Learning Phone






AED-80001 Spelling in Context

AED-80002 Spelling in Context 2

AED-80003 Spelling in Context 3

AED-80004 Spelling in Context 4

AED-80005 Spelling in Context 5

AED-80006 Spelling in Context 6

AED-80007 Spelling in Context 7

AED-80008 Spelling in context 8

AED-80009 Math Facts & Games

AED-80010 Concerntration

AED-80011 Division Drill

AED-80012 Atari Sentences

AED-80013 Atari Lab Starter Set

AED-80014 Atari Light Module

AED-80015 The Learning Phone

AED-80016 U.S Geography I

AED-80017 U.S Geography II

AED-80018 Pascal 2.0

AED-80020 Secret Formula

AED-80021 Secret Formula

AED-80022 Secret Formula

AED-80030 Introducing ...

Introducing Peter & The Wolf
AED-80033 Screen Maker

AED-80034 Player Maker

AED-80035 Book - Atari Logo

in the Classroom - a teacher's guide
AED-80037 Alien addition

AED-80038 Meteor Multiplication

AED-80039 Demolition Division

AED-80040 Aligotr Mix

AED-80041 Minus Mission

AED-80042 Dragon Mix

AED-80043 Super Pilot

AED-80044 Phone Home

AED-80045 Name Rondo

AED-80046 Create a Rondo

AED-80047 Instructional Computing Demo

AED-80048 Music I

AED-80049 Music II

AED-80050 Music III

AED-80051 Elementary Biology

AED-80052 Earth Sciences

AED-80053 Geography

AED-80054 Prefixes

AED-80055 Metric & Problem ....

Metric & Problem Solving
AED-80056 The Market Place

AED-80057 Basic Arithmetic

AED-80058 Graphing

AED-80059 Pre-Reading

AED-80060 Counting

AED-80061 Book - Software for your Atari

AED-80062 Book - Atari Games and Recreations

AED-80063 Book - Atari Computer ..


Educational Software Directory
AED-80066 Expeditions

AED-80067 Spelling Bee

AED-80069 Word Games

AED-80072 Atari Logo

AED-80077 Atari Pilot

Individual's Kit
AED-80078 Atari Pilot

Educator's Kit
AED-80083 Atari Microsoft II

AED-80084 Labmate 9-13

AED-80085 Labmate 14-15

AED-80087 Labmate

AED-80088 Labmate

Jr High
AED-80089 Labmate

High School
AED-80093 Find It!

AED-80097 Green Globs

AED-80100 Yaacov Agam's ...

Yaacov Agam's Int. Painting
AED-80101 The ABC of CPR

AED-80150 Simulated Computer II

AED-80152 Telly Turtle

AED-80158 Wheeler Dealer




CX-4101C Ini. à la Prog. en Basic

Initiation à la Prog. en Basic
CX-4106 Ini. à la Prog. en Basic n°2

Initiation à la Prog. en Basic
CX-4112 Jeu du Royaume

CX-4117 Ini. à la Prog. en Basic n°3

Initiation à la Prog. en Basic
CX-4121 Ministère de l'énergie

CX-4123 Centrale Nucléaire



DT-1005 La Quête du Graal

DT-1006C La chasse aux Fautes

DT-1008C Gloup/Flèche

DT-1009C Crocodile/Flip-Flop

DT-1010C Golf/Barre

DT-1011C Extra-Terrestres/M.

DT-1012C Insectivores/C.

DT-1013C Les Bonbons/Chaos

DT-1032C 35 activités LOGO

DT-2006 La Chasse aux Fautes

DT-2008 Gloup/Flèche

DT-2009 Crocodile/Flip-Flop

DT-2010 Golf/Barre

M.DT-2011 Extra-Terrestres/Matuvu

DT-2012 Insectivores/C.

DT-2013 Les Bonbons/Chaos

DT-2020 Fichier Larousse

Fichier Larousse de 15000 mots


DXF-54001 Calcul Algébrique

DXF-54002 L'ampoule électrique

DXF-54004 Graphologie

DXF-54009 Kit d'utilitaires

DXF-54010 Kit d'utilitaires

pour Basic MS
DXF-54011 Kit d'utilitaires

pour Basic
DXF-54012 Débogueur Assembleur

DXF-54013 Nostradamus

+ Les Tarots
DXF-54015 L'énigme du Triangle

DXF-54016 Le jeu du Caméléon

DXF-54017 Le Promoteur

DXF-540?? Adventure Writer

DXF-54102 Hex a bug



RX-8032 LOGO



RXF-52001 Des Chiffres et ..

Des Chiffres et des Lettres



TXF-53001C Calcul Algébrique

TXF-53004 Anglais








APX-10092 Jouer du Piano

APX-10071C Hickory Dickory

APX-10082 Mathématiques Tac Toe

APX-10101 Cubes

APX-10148 Comment Compter

APX-10149 Drapeaux d'Europe

APX-10164 Géographie

APX-10182 Boite à Musique

APX-20033 Culture Physique

APX-20050 Font de l'Est

APX-20059 Gestion de Données

APX-20074 Graphe

APX-20081 Questions et réponses

APX-20092 Jouer du Piano

APX-20102 Pascal

APX-20108 Gestion Familliale

APX-20140 Cache Cache de Mots

APX-20182 Boite à Musique

APX-20210 Dandy

APX-20212 Word Go

APX-20215 Construction Electrique

APX-90002 De Re Atari (français)



Abenteuer Im Weltraum (DXG-20022)

Assembler / Editor


Atari Logo


Atari Schreiber



Bundeslinga-Tabellen (DXG-55005)



Disk Fixer


Fehler abc





Macro Assembler


Mikrosoft Basic


Music Composer








Programmieren Leicht Gemacht (TXG-4110)

Programm Utility I


Programm Utility II


Programm Text Editor


Schloss des Grauens


Shluck / Ritchtungspfeile








Super Biorythme

Super Sort




Yokyu II : Globetrotter






EC-2001 The Lone Raider





Atari 65 XE

Atari 65 XE / Arabic Keyboard

Atari 130 XE

Atari 800 XE


Atari XC11 Program Recorder    
Atari XC12 Program Recorder

Atari XF-551 Disk Drive

Atari XM-301 modem

Atari SX-212 modem

  ST line
Atari XDM121 printer

Atari XMM801 printer

Atari XEP80 interface module



??-?? 65 XE OUTFIT PAK

  65XE + XC12 (UK)

  130 XE + XC12 (UK)

65XE + XC12 + CX40 + 10 GAMES (UK)


Atari 65 XEM

Atari 65 XEP



Atari XC 1411 Monitor

Atari XF-351 Disk Drive

  XF-354 look
Atari XF 521 Disk Drive

Atari XTC 201 Printer

  80 column thermal printer
Atari XTM 201 Printer




AX-2033 Proofreader  
AX-2034 Atari Writer Plus  
AX-2035 Atari Writer 80  
DX-5081 Music Painter

DX-5082 Silent Butler  
DX-5083 Atari Planetarium

DX-5089 SX-Express

RX-2036 Atari Writer

DX-5084 Star Raiders II

??-???? The Learning Phone


C100449 Atari XG-1 Light gun

  Lightgun + Bug Hunt
C103219 Atari XE System

  Console + Lightgun + FS II + Bug Hunt
C103214 Atari XE keyboard

  Keyboard + XC 12 + FS II
C??????? Atari XE Video system

  Console + Keyboard + Lightgun
C??????? Atari XE System

  only Console
C??????? Atari XE keyboard

C??????? Atari 65 XE PACK

  Atari 65 XE + Lightgun
C100449 G1 Lightgun

  Grey version
C??????? G1 Lightgun   Orange version / prototyp

RX-8031 Donkey Kong

RX-8063 Rescue on Fractalus!

RX-8064 Ballblazer

RX-8077 Battlezone

RX-8078 Star Raiders II

RX-8079 Food Fight

RX-8081 Blue Max

RX-8082 Lode Runner

RX-8083 David's Midnight Magic

RX-8084 Hardball!

RX-8085 Fight Night

RX-8086 Barnyard Blaster

RX-8087 Bug Hunt

RX-8088 Crossbow

RX-8089 Desert Falcon

RX-8090 Gato

RX-8091 Flight Simulator II

RX-8092 Archon

RX-8093 One-on-One

RX-8095 Karateka

RX-8096 Choplifter!

RX-8098 Summer Games

RX-8099 Ace of Aces

RX-8101 Dark Chambers

RX-8102 Crystal Castles

RX-8103 Mario Bros.

RX-8104 Crime Buster

RX-8108 Necromancer

RX-8109 Airball

RX-8113 Thunder fox

RX-8114 Into the Eagles Nest



CA 400201 XE Demo Cartridge


HARDWARE 3rd Party Hardware

Rana Systems 1000 Floppy Drive

Indus GT Drive

Trak AT-D2 Drive

Tandon Mecanic for 1050 Disk Drive

SOTWARE 3rd Party Software

Boulder Dash

First Star Inc.
Boulder Dash Construction Kit

First Star Inc.
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

MCC / version

Dallas Quest

Drop Zone

U.S Gold
Electra Glide


U.S Gold
Greatest Hits vol. 1


International Karaté

System 3

Epyx / CBS edition (German ed.)
Kennedy Approach

Micro Prose
Koronis Rift

Lucasfilm (US version)
Koronis Rift

Lucasfilm (Activision euro version)
Leader Board

U.S Gold


European Version

Nuclear Nick

Pirates of the Babary Coast

Star Soft

Pitstop 2

Epyx / Rush Ware edition
Rescue on Fractalus!

Lucasfilm (US version)
Rally Speedway

Adventure International
Solo Flight

Micro Prose
Solo Flight

U.S Gold
Speed Run

Red Rat

Electric Dreams
Spy Hunter

Super Zaxxon

U.S Gold
Summer Games

Summer Games

Epyx / Rush Ware edition
Summer Games

Epyx / CBS edition (German ed.)
Temple of Apshai "The Trilogy"

Epyx / Rush Ware edition
The Eidolon

Lucasfilm (Activision euro version)
The Haley Project

FileManager +



mémoire minimale requise / Minimum RAM requirement



cassette / tape

nombre de cassettes / number of tapes



cartouche / cartridge



disquettes / diskettes

nombres de disquettes / number of diskettes

  Cette page a pour but de référencer un maximun de produits officiels ATARI. Elle me sert et me servira pour ma collection personnelle.
  dans ma collection / in my collection
  prototyp (très certainement jamais dans ma collection), ou tout simplement resté au stade de projet.
  je recherche / i'm looking for
  je ne cherche pas / i'm don't looking for
  Cette page évoluera, au fur et à mesure des mes recherches et découvertes. J'espère qu'elle pourra servir à d'autres collectionneurs, dans leurs propres recherches. Si vous avez des références, vous pouvez me contacter, afin d'améliorer cette liste. Par avance, merci.
  Les photos des logiciels et machines que je ne possède pas (), ont été trouvés sur le net. crédit à leurs autheurs respectifs. Si l'un d'entre eux souhaite que je retire une ou des photos qu'il me contacte.
  Toutes les autres photos, proviennent de ma collection.


Atari / E.T Mobile Kit for stores

Atari Lunch Box

Atari Service Center Bags

Atari Corporation Stock Certificate

Atari Atarian Game Patch



some photos, scans, and thumbnails are used with permission of

Thanks to Curt V.


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